Open Commentary

Under the Floorplans tab on the menu are images of each level of the church. Users can click on the image in any location to leave a comment. So if you have a specific area of concern you’d like to send to the church, please use this function. A short tutorial is located below.

If you’re uncomfortable using this function, please feel free to use the standard contact form on the Contact page.

How to Comment

Step 1

All three floors of the church are located under “Floorplans” tab on the menu above. In the example, the second floor has been selected. Above each image are the targeted areas of work, but you can comment on any area on the floor plan. The targeted areas have also been highlighted on the floor plan itself.

Step 2

Using the mouse, click on the area of the floor plan you’d like to leave a comment. In the example, I’m going to leave a comment on Pilgrim Hall. After clicking, the screen will shift and a comment box will pop out at the bottom of the image.

Step 3

In the large box at the top, leave your comment. Shorter comments will fit better on the screen. You are required to leave a name and a valid email address, allowing the church to contact you for follow up details and to control spam. You can leave the website section blank.

When you’re done, click on the “create hotspot” button at the bottom of the page. You may need to refresh the page.

Step 4

Your comment is submitted to a site moderator, and after being approved, will display on the image as an arrow. If you hover over the arrow, your comment (and other’s comments) will appear.

If you go to the Second Floor page, you can see the example comment.