Target Areas of Work

  • Safety and Security Upgrades
  • ADA Building Access
  • ADA Toilet Room Renovations
  • Electrical System Upgrades
  • Sanctuary Upgrades
  • Chapel Upgrades
  • Pilgrim Hall and Kitchen Upgrades
  • Mayflower Room and Kitchen Upgrades
Notification 2
Need a Barrier Free Toilet
Refinish the wood floor. Clean and smooth rough spots on all wood surfaces. Replace carpet.
I agree with the fellow who spoke at the first upgrade meeting that some of the material things aren't so important as the spiritual feeling and friendliness of the congregation. Thus, I don't think replacing the sanctuary carpet and seat cushions is an immediate concern. Also, I would like to see the pew dividers remain in place. They are a quaint reminder of the church's history, and I think we have an unique history in Ann Arbor. One other comment: I don't think the acoustics are good when one is sitting on the side pews, at least I had difficulty understanding what was being said from the pulpit.
This is my second attempt to comment. I don't know if the other was recorded, so here is essentially what I said: I don't think it is urgent to replace the sanctuary carpet or seat cushions. They are not that bad, especially the cushions. Also, i would like to see the pew dividers remain intact. They are a quaint reminder of part of our church's history, which is unique in Ann Arbor.

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